Tuition Fees


RE:ANIMA will select a maximum of 21 students per intake.
An Erasmus Mundus Scholarship will be granted to only a percentage of those places.


The participation costs/tuition fees for the whole study period of four semesters is:
  • Tuition Fee for 4 semesters: 18 000 Euro
  • Tuition Fee for Erasmus Mundus scholarship holders: 9 000 Euro for programme country applicants and 18 000 Euro for partner country applicants


What is included in the participation fees?
  • The participation costs/tuition fees include participation in all classes offered within RE:ANIMA’s curriculum; emergency and accident insurance according to the minimum requirements of the Erasmus+ Programme; support in administrative and organisational issues by the consortium partners; costs for enrollment at the consortium partner’s institutions; all examinations and issuing of the final diploma. There will be a budgeted sum for costs related with the thesis film production.
  • For holders of an Erasmus+ scholarship (all categories) tuition fee is covered by the scholarship.


What is not included in the participation fees?
  • The participation costs/tuition fees do not cover travel costs from country of origin, travel costs required for the mobility (to Genk for the 1st semester, to Helsinki for the 2nd semester, to Lisbon for the 3rd semester and to one of the consortium schools for the 4th semester and for the graduation ceremony) travel documents (passport, visas), accommodation and living expenses, or other costs (e.g. Study books, stationery, photocopies, etc.). It is estimated that students will need between 600-1000€ per month living expenses for the 24-month duration of their studies.






Erasmus+ Master Loans allow students to apply for support for their Master’s studies abroad. Loans will be offered by participating banks and student loan agencies on favorable conditions to mobile students, including better than market interest rates and up to two years to allow graduates to get into a job before beginning repayment.

The loan scheme will be established in cooperation with the European Investment Bank Group and will be gradually rolled out across the  Erasmus+ programme countries over the first few years of the programme.

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