Selection Criteria


All eligible applicants will be assessed by members of the consortium taking into account the following elements:

  • The applicant’s academic quality, judged primarily from the results of prior university studies.
  • The applicant’s motivation and justification of the application in relation to prior studies, work experience (if applicable) and future career plans towards the aims of Re:Anima, judged from the CV in combination with the letter of motivation, expectations, project proposal and portfolio/show reel.
  • The applicant’s English language skills, judged from the certificate provided, and in a second stage, from the interview.
  • Applicants with the highest scores resulting from the application package will be called for a Skype Interview in date to be settled by the selection committee.


Applicants that does not qualify for the interview will be informed by March the latest.







Please read and follow the
necessary steps to apply.

Application requirements