Appeal Procedure


Please read the Selection Criteria as well as the APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS carefully before submitting an appeal.


Along with the aforementioned documents, the following conditions must be followed in order to submit an appeal:

  • There’s no possibility for any appeal to the final list of selected applicants, except if based on a specific procedural error by RE:ANIMA consortium in the application process;
  • Candidates who fail to provide the required documents within the established time frames should not submit an appeal;
  • Candidates who followed the Application Procedure and respected the Deadlines but were denied selection due to unmet Selection Criteria and have reasons to believe that a mistake has been made during the selection procedure have the right to appeal the Selection Committee decision.


The appeal procedure is concerned with how your proposal was handled in the evaluation and eligibility-checking process. It is not an automatic reevaluation. Please note that new information or clarifications that should have been in the proposal will not be taken into consideration. If after reading the above-mentioned conditions you still have reasons to believe that a mistake has been made, please send an email to with all the necessary information shown below. All appeals have to be submitted before April 10th.

Please explain in detail your reason to believe that a mistake has been made:

Make sure to provide a correct e-mail address so that you can receive notifications on the status of your appeal. you will be contacted as soon as a decision has been made.







Please read and follow the
necessary steps to apply.

Application requirements