About the Master

This Master Programme thoroughly explores all fields of animation, from narrative and non-narrative storytelling to experimental uses of animation in expanded fields.


RE:ANIMA is oriented towards a diverse and artistic approach to the field of Animation. It envisions the creation of an international community of animators who make multiple connections and create a network for future career endeavours. RE:ANIMA is fully taught in English and strives to shape a generation of high-level, critical and innovative artists, via the involvement of international professionals and a diverse selection of Animation experts and scholars. With the combination of the students’ individual learning trajectory and a broad, multicultural orientation, RE:ANIMA assumes a unique presence in Europe, and strongly intersects with the needs of the animation film industry. Students will become familiarised with three entirely different locations, both socially, artistically and industry-wise, and will be continuously motivated to broaden their cultural horizon. This will provide them not only with a varied palette of skills in animation filmmaking, but also with an international network and orientation, which is invaluable in a sector where international co-production is at the heart of the industry.

The integration of different forms of expanded animation into the programme is a new curricular feature which does not exist in traditional animation programmes that are usually oriented towards short film production with a narrow focus and specialisation in animation techniques. RE:ANIMA acknowledges and fosters the importance of using animation outside the film and TV series formats, hence the fact that live animation, VR and visualisation are considered essential in the programme. RE:ANIMA exposes the full spectrum of the use of animation in storytelling, expanded animation and animated documentary. This broad understanding of the field opens unbounded possibilities to the students in terms of their graduation projects. During the fourth semester, students will move to the school that hosts the area in which their graduation project focused on. Alongside these specialised applications, there will be a constant focus on an expanded use of animation techniques independently of the formats at stake.




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