Facilities and Equipment


Universidade Lusófona

An exclusive RE:ANIMA classroom with 4 animation sets for Stop Motion, 4 computers to digital and 3D animation and production work. Plus a classroom with 10 animation sets where students work on various techniques (clay, cutouts, sand, oil, puppets …), a construction classroom with all the necessary tools and machinery plus an animation set, a 3D animation classroom with 20 PCs with Maya and Mudbox for digital illustration, a 2D classroom with 20 macs and 20 Cintiqs with TV Paint and Krita installed, and a drawing and design classroom with 23 easels. A motion capture studio, a sound post-production studio, and a theatre with 160 seats and projection in DCP was also installed in the period.





Aalto Studios provide expertise and resources for all audiovisual media, extended reality production, game development, internet communication and more.





LUCA School of Arts Along with classrooms and labs for a variety of animation techniques, there is an exclusive RE:ANIMA classroom equipped with 10 computers with a range of animation software and Wacom Cintiq 22 displays. The full list is available at:



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