Facilities and Equipment


  • 1 classroom with 12 pc’s and Wacom Cintiqs
    (Adobe, TVPaint, Lightwave, Blender, ProTools)
  • 1 classroom with 20 pc’s and Wacom Cintiqs
    (Adobe, TVPaint, Lightwave, Blender, Protools)
  • 1 classroom with lightpads, 4 pc’s for traditional 2D animation linetest
    (Adobe, TVPaint) (approx. 20 students)
  • Krita, Sketchbook, Blender is installed on several computers
  • Stopmotion/experimental lab (dome, etc…) max. 8 students (Adobe, Dragonframe)
  • Stopmotion classroom with possibility to make 3 or 4 individual seperated sets
    (Adobe, Dragonframe)
    Cameras, lightsets, slider, rigging, … available.
  • 1 audio studio (ProTools)
  • 1 classroom for drawing, live model-drawing
    (approx. 20 easels and drawing equipment)
  • Possibility to use studio space from the film department (2 studios)
  • Possibility to use studio space from the photo department (2 studios)
  • Possibility to use print facilities from the photo department
  • Possibility to use Fablab workspace for lasercutting, 3D-printing, …
  • Possibility to use machinery from the Product Design department
  • Possibility to use editing units (5) from the film department
  • Open workspace (brainstorm, design, meetings….)
  • Re:Anima exclusive classroom with 10 pc’s and 10 Wacom Cintiqs
    ( Software: in progress)

At Aalto University

Aalto Studios provide expertise and resources for all audiovisual media, extended reality production, game development, internet communication and more. studios.aalto.fi


A classroom with 10 animation sets where students work on various techniques (clay, cutouts, sand, oil, puppets …), a construction classroom with all the necessary tools and machinery plus an animation set, a 3D animation classroom with 20 PCs with Maya and Mudbox for digital illustration, a 2D classroom with 20 macs and 20 cintiqs with TV Paint and Krita installed, and a drawing and design classroom with 23 easels. A motion capture studio, a sound post-production studio, and a theater with 160 seats and projection in DCP was also installed in the period.


Please read and follow the necessary steps to apply.

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