Academic Programme


From Belgium to Finland to Portugal

The program is grounded on an original mobility scheme that takes the students on an educational and creative journey from Belgium, where they will explore the foundations of storytelling in animation to Finland, where they will experiment and expand the boundaries of animated expression with various techniques, to Portugal, where they will use the tools of animation to depict and reflect upon reality, using the processes of animation as a form of documenting the world and act upon it.


The program takes an educational methodological approach through projects in development, and during the four semesters the students will acquire differentiated competences, explore diverse methods and approaches in the context of the learning units the curriculum is composed of, while at the same time working on their graduation animation projects. These projects can take the form of narrative, non-narrative, poetic, experimental documentary or expanded animation projects of a various nature that combine techniques and multidisciplinary approaches.

Core subjects on Animation

Underlying the academic program is a common system of workshops that convoke artistic and social topics with the goal of promoting critical and social awareness on the side of the students and inform their projects with content that strives for originality, creativity and innovation.

A balance of artistic and technological dimensions with cultural awareness

RE:ANIMA proposes a curriculum and didactic approach that balance artistic and technological dimensions, overcoming existing tensions between artistic and technology-driven programmes. Additionally, RE:ANIMA begins with an overarching concept that the animation creative process must be driven by cultural awareness and a critical appreciation of the world around us. The students take part in an international and diverse learning community with students and faculty from different cultures and from all over the world. Teamwork in animation is therefore multicultural and multigenerational. By bridging art, technology and cultural backgrounds, the fundamental innovation of the programme rests in building animation professionals who are international artists, technical collaborators and global citizens.


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